At Nazli Trading, we offer easy and convenient process of buying used cars from Japan.

Effortlessly Order Used Car From Our Stock

Nazli Trading is a leading and the most trusted name in the field of automobile trading industry. We are best known for providing quality vehicle inspection via thorough examination of every vehicle that is booked from our end.

  • Choose Vehicle

    Customers are requisite to register on our website in order to choice the preferred vehicle from our biggest used cars stock. Our broad and actual vehicle quest system benefits our customers to find the seamless car according to their wants and budget.

  • Make Payment

    Clients can make the payment as per the invoice sent. It is required that the payment amount must be submitted only in the official account of Nazli. Customers are required to pay all bank charges so that we receive full payment of the vehicle purchased.

  • Quality Inspection

    We are steadfast to send maintained cars globally by appraising the car based on mechanical & electrical condition, exterior and interior and other required accessories. We also do the maintenance and reconditioning of car through well trained staff before shipping the vehicle.

  • Shipment/ Delivery

    Once you make the initial payment of the unit acquired is made, we will ship the vehicle to be delivered on board. We will provide you the schedules and customer service along with that allowing you to know the position of your vehicle at sea.

  • Documentation

    Nazli Trading will dispatch the original documents of ownership to the address provided by you, on receiving the complete payment. These documents include Export Certificate, Bill of Lading, Final Invoice, Marine Insurance (if required).

Easily Purchase Any Vehicle From Live Auction

Japanese online auto auction is the most convenient and hassle free mechanism to buy vehicles from auctions online. The auction system is user friendly and easy accessible buy customers from around the globe.

Register Yourself

Get yourself registered on our website to order the vehicle of your choice from the top auction houses in Japan through Nazli.

Initial Deposit

Make an initial deposit as per the invoice sent. The payment amount must be remitted only in the official account of Nazli.

Start Bidding

Register at our website and place a bid for the desired car. Our buyers at Nazli Trading will bid on your behalf.

Auction Result

You will get a pro-forma invoice, once you win a bid. If the bid is unsuccessful, the client can order a next car from auction.

Make Payment

We work through telegraphic transfer from the bank. The shipment will not commence until the payment is confirmed.


Nazli Trading offers containerization and RORO shipping as per customer requirements to all regions of the world