Vehicle Inspection As
Per Quality Standards

At Nazli Trading we have professionals to resolve
your concerns about the quality of vehicles.

Quality Control & Assurance at Nazli Trading

At Nazli Trading, we are proud to supply you the gateway to the highest quality used cars with our fast-paced, reliable, and ensured quality service. We have passionate and professional team of experts that helps serve our clients to reach their automotive needs.

Engine/Chassis Steam Cleaning

Nazli Trading promises its customer to deliver quality. In order to make sure we stand by what we say, every car is taken to the ramp at the shipyard, where engine bay and chassis cleaning takes place before shipping the vehicle on board. Here dust and cruds are removed and complete steam cleaning process takes place. Engine degreaser is also applied to ensure maximum efficiency of the engine.


We perform proper quality checks of the car through Japanese vehicle grading system to ensure high-quality of the Japanese vehicles are delivered to our clients. The vehicle inspection is done at the shipyard on the port by certified inspectors. Our consistent quality control and assurance program enables us to deliver cars with the best quality.

Mechanical Checks

At Nazli Trading we provide fully serviced and reconditioned vehicle that gives it not only a brand new look but also a smooth driving feeling. Our expert team of mechanics address all mechanical issues in the vehicles. Customers can also request for any other mechanical adjust they might require in their vehicles.

Refurbishment of Cars

Nazli Trading has highly competent workshop facilities which assure that our stock of vehicles is comprised of error-free and flawless vehicles. Thorough inspection of the interior and exterior is conducted, to fix scratches, dents and other minor damages. Proper assessment of the steering and braking system is done to perform repairs and ensure the safety.

Strict Vehicle Selection Standards

Our representatives physically visit the auction site prior to bidding on a certain vehicle. Each vehicle is inspected individually to make sure the condition mentioned by the seller is accurate. Our strict vehicle selection policy ensures that only the highest quality vehicles are bought at auctions and added to our stock, allowing us to deliver you the finest vehicles.